BackPack Buddies

Backpack Buddies is part of Inter-faith food Shuttle. Every week SAPC supports about 40 children at river bend elementary by delivering enough food for a weekend. Some of these children are homeless, come from a single family home or their families just need a little help. Since 1989 IFS has had many programs to help stamp out hunger in 7 counties in the greater triangle area.

“Again this year, we helped over 40 children not only with food for the weekend but also books throughout the year.  The one thing that amazes me is how Saint Andrews has embraced BackPack Buddies.  All the food we give the children is donated by our congregation through direct donations, money donations throughout the year, birthday parties, and food drives.  We have adults, teens, and children helping every month.  What a testament to God and this mission.  Thank you."

-SAPC Advocate, Kitty Burlington


For more information on BackPack Buddies, visit the Interfaith Food Shuttle website at