About the Alternative Gift Catalog

What is an Alternative Gift?

A nontraditional way of giving. Rather than buying yet another candle for mom or polo for grandpa, honor them instead by giving in their name gifts that make a difference in the lives of our Mission Partners. 

How can I be sure my gift/donation is used as I have ordered? 

The items in the paper catalog and here on our site are items commonly used or needed by each ministry. We guarantee the funds you donate will be sent to the ministry of your choice, with the request to use the funds as you have designated.

What is SAPC's Mission Statement? 

Our Core Values are:

  • Love Unconditionally
  • Help and Serve Others
  • Grow in Faith
  • Connect with God and People

About Payment

 Is payment secure?

Payment is handled through a third-party solution called Stripe that allows us to quickly and easily process credit cards online. Stripe exceeds the most stringent industry standards for security. Click here to learn more about the technical details of Stripe's secure infrastructure.

Will I receive a receipt for my purchase and is it tax-deductible?

Yes, you will be emailed a receipt for your purchase and all donations to the SAPC Alternative Giving Catalog are 100% tax deductible. Tax-Receipts are provided by Saint Andrew's Presbyterian Church annually.

How do  I send in cash or check payments?

To pay with cash or check, feel free to shop the website or paper catalog and fill out an order form (download here) which can be returned completed via mail with your your check, made payable to Saint Andrews, earmarked Alternative Giving.