We are excited that you have decided to learn more about our mission partners and support them through Alternative Giving. You may be used to the traditional method of our paper catalog and order form, but there is no need to worry because it is still available here and you can use this page to help you shop online!


How to Use This Site


Shop by...

There are so many ways to make a difference and lots of ways to give! To break it down, there are three ways to search for gifts and make an impact in the lives of our Mission Partners. 


Shopping by ministry allows you to dive into a ministry that you are passionate about, learn more about our various mission partners, and give directly to the ministry that you choose (all proceeds go directly to our mission partners)


Shopping by Impact allows you to browse categories that speak to you and inspire you to give such as "Gifts that Empower" or "Gifts that Educate" rather than focus in on one ministry or one mission partner 


The "Donate Now" feature allows you to give an amount of your choice to make a difference where it is needed most. You choose the amount, you choose where it is donated. No gift is too small to make an impact. We have chosen common increments and if you would like to donate more or less you can add more of each quantity to your cart!

There is a form on the next page that will allow you to designate the funds to a particular ministry if you so choose. 

Add Items

Select items from one ministry, multiple, impact pages and add them to your cart. There you can review your cart and checkout with your credit card- no checks or cash needed! 


Paper Catalog

The paper catalog and order form are available online, can be downloaded, and shared here


Holiday Cards

Giving in honor of someone? Let us know in the checkout form and send them a card! There are 2 ways to get cards:

1. Download them here

2. Pick them up at Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church


Tax Deductions

Tax receipts are provided by SAPC as a part of your end of year giving summary. If you would like to request a tax receipt aside from this please contact us here